Are you the UK’s ultimate geek?

Geek Meet Club proudly presents its inaugural competition.

The Quest to crown UK’s Ultimate GEEK!

In a land filled with extraordinary nerds geeks and freaks, we want to find the ultimate geekiest of them all.

Could that be you?

We invite you to tell us why should you have the biggest honour and be crowned the Ultimate Geek?

If you think you are the ultimate geek we want to hear from you.

Not only do you win an incredible prize of £500, allowing you to craft your own unforgettable geeky experience but you will also be able to lord(of the rings) it over to your friends for ever more that you are UK ‘s biggest geek!

The esteemed title of the Ultimate Geek shall be bestowed upon the winner,to be announced September 30 2023. Terms & conditions apply.

Enter here for free

We want to hear compelling reasons for deserving the title of the United Kingdom’s ultimate geek. Prepare to impress us with your geeky prowess!

Terms & Conditions

By entering the competition you agree to the terms & conditions.

  • Must be over age 18
  • Must be a permanent UK resident
  • Must be a geek ( obviously)
  • Only one entry per person
  • The judges decision is final.
  • If your crowned our winner you agree to being interviewed and photographed by the press