The Inspiration behind the Unconventionall Apparel Story

‘The Unconventionall Story is inspired by our incredible 8 year old Autistic son’

£5 from every adult hoodie order goes to The National Autistic Society via our Just Giving page

As a child I was different. As a manager I am different and as humans… We are all different. The Unconventionall name has evolved since I first created it back in 2018 as a personal coaching brand.

In 2014, we were told that our 2 year old son Jacob had sensory and auditory processing difficulties. During the years that followed, we adjusted our lives to ensure we understood the challenges he faced. He didn’t process information in a ‘conventional’ way, which made certain daily tasks and routines difficult. The things that most parents took for granted, simply weren’t an option for us.

It was during this period that both my wife and I realised the importance of appreciating the differences in people. We started to really understand the ‘Why’ behind certain behaviours, not just in Jacob, but in everyone. Our lives had been changed forever but in the best way possible. We had been pushed outside our comfort zone and forced to embrace outside the box ideas we’d previously never considered.

As predicted, Jacob did receive an official Autism diagnosis in 2018 but this was nothing we didn’t already know. As an experienced manager used to doing things a certain way, I had spent the previous 4 years re-aligning my business focus to revolve around people first, everything else second.

In 2021, we want to become a voice that encourages people to be proud of who they are, what they want to do and how they want to do it.

Unconventionall Apparel was launched to bring people of all ages, shapes and sizes together with a common goal…

‘To embrace our uniqueness and never hide it away.’

We are a family run business (for now) with dreams and ambitions of seeing the world evolve. If we never embrace the differences in people, we will never truly understand how amazing and fulfilling life can really be.

Launched in March 2021, Unconventionall Apparel was met with an enormous amount of love and support by people that just want to be accepted for who they are and what they want to do. In time, as the brand evolves, we want to offer a complete range of apparel and accessories to people all over the globe with a very clear message…

‘‘Inspiring people to break free from conventional thinking and embrace their unique ability to be themselves.

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