The Geeky Gift Guide For Dating!

How long after you’ve been dating someone is it time to start buying gifts? Well in the spirit of Christmas and the year that we’ve all had, we’d say go for it! Struggling for gift ideas for your new-found geeky date? We’ve rounded up our top five geeky gifts that will have them rocking around the Christmas tree in excitement!

1. For Your Star (Wars) Crossed Lover:

Star Wars Lego Portraits! These brand new Lego Portraits are a unique way of combining a love of Star Wars, Lego and Fine Art. You create the portraits using Lego Studs, choosing between Darth Vader, Darth Maul or Kylo Ren – and when you’re bored of staring at Darth Maul’s face – you can take it apart and start again! It also comes with a complimentary soundtrack to listen to as you’re building!

2. For Your Player 2:

If your date is a gamer then chances are they got their hands on a PS5 on release day! We would 100% recommend wrapping up a copy of Assassins Creed Valhalla for them this Christmas. The graphics are incredible, bugs from the PS4 version have been well and load time is almost instantaneous! The open world is stunning and the emphasis on the main storyline is enough to keep you enthralled for hours (and we mean hours) when combined with the endless side missions.

3. For Your Disney Prince/Princess:

We love shopping small here at Geek Meet! After Magic Kindom and Animal Kingdom, Etsy is Disney’s third most magical Kingdom. You can find some incredible handmade items on Etsy that will set any Disnerd’s heart aflutter. Just searching Disney items from UK based sellers brings up over 80,000 results! So if you don’t know where to start, these jewellery pieces from Making It Magical Store are beautiful and if they’re a Disney Parks fan then these map prints from Madge And Arthur would be a really thoughtful gift to remind them of ‘home’.

4. For Your Fellow Avenger:

We can testify that this replica Tony Stark Arc Reactor is incredible! It glows and the lights can pulse like a heartbeat. Presented in a clear acrylic box, it’s the perfect display piece for any Avengers fanatic and a daily reminder of arguably Marvel’s greatest superhero. We love him 3000!

5. For the Hufflepuff to your Gryffindor:

It’s probably going to be no surprise to find out that our top gift for the Potter lover in your life is a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Ride broomsticks, cast spells and marvel at all things Potter whilst taking a tour of the studios, following in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione. With the world the way it is, we’d probably advise that you create an IOU for the future so that you both can enjoy the full experience that the tour has to offer, without having to worry about tiers and bubbles!

We hope these geeky gift ideas have given you a little flash of inspiration. Our best advice is to just dive in and get browsing. Generally, a geek is a great person to buy for, you know what they love and so that gives you a great starting point! Spread the Christmas cheer this year and let us know in the comments what other geeky gifts are on your list!

If you haven’t met the tinsel to your baubles just yet then Geek Meet is the dating app for you. It’s a place where you can show off your nerdy side, instead of feeling like you need to hide it and meet other like-minded singles.


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