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GMC is an inclusive diverse & welcoming space where you can flaunt your GEEKY / NERDY passions without judgement.

A safe community to make friends, find love or network.

UK residents age 18 and over only

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Looking for a different crowd? We’re all geeks here!

Marie - Geek Meet Club - Passionate Coss Player
Joel - Geek Meet Club - Vintage Comic Book Collector
Christian - Geek Meet Club - Star Wars Fanatic
Claire - Geek Meet Club - Quidditch Player
Steven - Geek Meet Club - Tech Man
Anne - Geek Meet Club - Anime fan
David - Geek Meet Club - Adventurer
Chloe -Geek Meet Club - Loves World Building

Sound familiar?

Have you ever been catfished over your love of all things nerdy, cult, and geek?

Are you finding other networking apps dustier than Tutankhamun's underpants?

Bored of entertaining people who don't know their Grogu's from their Gringotts?

We can help you

If you’re a self-confessed nerd who wants to make friends, have conversations without fear of ridicule, and maybe find that special likeminded someone, then welcome home!

We’re a bunch of nerds & geeks who got so frustrated with trying to find others that share our interests that we built our own place to hang out.

Whether you’re looking for the Harley to your Joker, the Ash to your Pikachu, or the Mario to your Luigi, you’ll find them here at Geek Meet Club.

Because there aren’t any other decent dating sites for geeky / nerdy people?

Like Jake and Elwood once said “Everybody needs somebody.”

What can you expect in the app?

A platform exclusive to geeks and nerds where you’re not judged for your passions.

Over 50 groups to join and freely chat with others.

Geeky quizzes.

Blogs written by fellow nerds.

Reasonable monthly payments : (No sneaky hidden charges).

Online & offline events.

Here’s what our members are saying



Nice to join a site where it actually does what it advertises! It’s full of geeky people!

Like the idea and much nicer pace than the mainstream cluttered apps.



I have been seeing this advertised on my Facebook feed for a while. Finally I joined today, so far impressed.

Simple to use and full of interesting and geeky people.



Great quirky idea for an app. Easy to use and it feels better than the bigger competitors.

Nice to meet via interests, rather than a standard bio.



Outstanding app. Great place to meet like minded people and the customer service is fantastic.

One of the only apps I could find that caters to geeks.

Meeting new people is always more fun when you have something in common.

Why settle for dull and grey when you can slay in cosplay?


Joining the site is secure and easy, so join us today and start interacting with the type of people who get you.

Geeky Networking, Dating, Friendship

Just a few of our geeky groups

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons

Harry Potter

Dungeons and Dragons

Relationships & Dating

Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons


Our GEEK MEET CLUB Sponsors.

Contact us if you would like details of our sponsorship package.

Any questions? Let’s try and help you.

Is this a free site?

We are free to join and explore then to fully integrate with our community you will need to upgrade to one of our VIP packages.

Are you a Tinder for geeks?

Our members certainly don’t portray the typical Tinder profiles!

Can I find a nerdy girlfriend or boyfriend?

Many of our members describe themselves as nerds!

Can I meet geeky girls on your site?

Plenty of our female members are proud to embrace their geekiness.

Are you a dating site?

We are an all in one geeky platform, you can choose to find a romantic connection (profiles will display a red heart)  or you can simply choose to make new friends.

What age group do you cover?

We welcome everyone over the age of 18 yrs.

What makes Geek Meet Club different from other clubs

We are different because we are the UK’s first all in one geeky social platform where you can choose to network, make new friends or date. We are an independent family run business so your details aren’t shared or sold onto other networks.

Should I use password with more than 8 characters

Yes of course. Always use a mix of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case characters.

Can you help me? My payment won’t work

Yes! Absolutely. Please email me at

Is your platform safe?

Rest assured your data is safe with us. You are free to delete your data yourself at any time.

Do you verify profiles?

We manually read and accept/decline every profile we don’t use bots. Please note we do NOT carry out formal ID checks. 

Should I really sign up for this?

Its free and easy to sign up! And we are super confident once you are inside our exclusive club you wont want to leave.

Give us a shout. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us anytime!